Sandy’s Estate Sale Tips for Smart Shoppers

While Sandy has a lot of regular customers who never miss one of her sales, it’s a good idea for veterans and newbies alike to observe some estate sale shopping tips:

  1. Be prepared with directions to the sale. While Sandy is very effective with her signage, planning your route the day of the sale is important. Especially be aware of local traffic patterns that could delay you.
  2. Be early to a sale. There’s a saying, “The Early Bird Gets the Worm!”. In your case, it could be an item you’ve been searching years for. We call it, “Estate Sale Blues”, which means if you don’t grab it when you see it, someone right behind you will.
  3. Parking. Finding a place to park can be difficult in many neighborhoods that were not designed for high sale traffic volumes. Please work with staff to make sure you park in allowed areas.
  4. Dress comfortably! Weather conditions can change in minutes, be ready for them with adequate clothing and make sure you’re comfortable.
  5. Bring help for moving heavy objects. We can’t stress this enough. Sandy’s staff is there to make your shopping experience enjoyable, but they’re not available to move heavy furniture. Be prepared with help and a large enough vehicle to move your new belongings.
  6. Don’t try to negotiate with the staff. If you are interested in a significant purchase, we have a bid box where you can leave your name, phone number and what you’re willing to spend on a high ticket item. Items are priced fairly to bring a good return to the owner. You’ll appreciate that when you decide to have your own estate sale!
  7. Sign up for our mailing list! Visit and sign up for our newsletter. You can also contact Sandy directly. You’ll be the first to know when and what will be available at each sale.
  8. Enjoy!