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Fallbrook. One of the most idyllic locations in California. Sporting a Mediterranean microclimate, Fallbrook’s countryside is a grower’s paradise for avocados, citrus, rare fruits, vegetables and flowers. The seasons seem to blend together into one long springtime.
While the weather may be faithfully steady, what happens if our lives are not? Whether from the passing of a family member or downsizing, changing households is one of the most difficult transitions we face in life.

A house full of belongings can overwhelm survivors and down-sizers with unrelenting stress as they try to deal with estate issues. Sandy’s Estate Liquidations is not an impersonal corporate entity that treats life changing circumstances like an assembly line.

After conducting successful estate sales for fourteen years, Sandy has mastered the art of using sound business principles to help families convert household belongings into usable cash.

Sandy is incorporated as an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) and is fully licensed and insured. Call now at (760) 990-3004 for a free consultation!