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Bonsall, California. In the 1870’s, Bonsall used to be known as ‘Mt. Fairview’, then ‘Osgood’ after the Southern California Railroad Survey Crew engineer who was in charge.

The post office was the center of much activity, with farming, ranching, olives and grapes taking hold on large and small parcels alike. Though not as famous as neighboring Fallbrook, Bonsall was, and is, a comfortable and nice place to live.

If only moving to a new location was as comfortable. Whether from a family member passing on, or just down sizing, settling an estate is often complex, time consuming and emotionally draining to all involved.

Sandy’s Estate Liquidations will take most of the pain out of settling the disposition of household goods and furnishings. Sandy herself evaluates each job, and sets up an estate sale at a time of mutual convenience. Her crew expertly organizes and catalogs all items, prices them and prepares for the estate sale.

Sandy handles all publicity for the sale, signage, traffic control. Her crew is friendly, courteous and enjoy good relations with many repeat customers.

Sandy is incorporated as an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) and is fully licensed and insured. Call now at (760) 990-3004 for a free consultation!